Unforseen insights into your Kubernetes cluster
The most detailed Kubernetes Monitoring solution
Get the complete picture of your cluster
See both the state and metrics of every individual object in your cluster. No need to use tools like kubectl to see state separately from metrics.
Answer complex questions with exploratory analytics
What is the resources usage per namespace? How much memory is spent in Deployments vs Daemonsets for a particular namespace? How much CPU do my helm workloads take? Our interactive slice n dice interface allows you to answer complex questions about your cluster instantly.
Ensure Smooth deployments
Watch in realtime how the state and metrics of individual pods and containers changes as you make deployments. In case of failure, get the detailed root cause instantly.
Reduce Kubernetes cluster costs
The larger your cluster, the more the chances you have overprovisioned resources. With the exploratory analytics offered by Dripstat you can pinpoint the overprovisioned workloads and reduce cluster costs.