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Traditional Alerting

DripStat Alerting

For every alert rule violation, a separate notification is dispatched. In a microservices architecture, with lots of dependencies, and cascading failures, this can result in a barrage of notifications, overwhelming you at the worst time and making it difficult to determine root cause.

DripStat rolls up rule violations across your stack into a single Incident in chronological order. Pinpoint root cause of problems in complex, distributed systems without getting overwhelmed.

DripStat Alert Features

See the entire history of events leading to current outage

See where the issue began and all the other systems it affected, all in chronological order, allowing you to instantly pinpoint root cause

Reduced Notification Fatigue

Violations are rolled up into incidents. Only 1 notification an incident means you no longer get a barrage of notifications

See all involved entities in a central location

Every entity across your entire stack involved in the open incident is highlighted. Making it easy to pinpoint affected systems

Get to root cause faster

A chronological order of violations, along with its severity, for each system affected allows you to get to the root cause of problems in complex distributed systems

Integrates with your favorite tools

Whatever you use, Dripstat integrates with it

Alert Integrations
Full stack alerting

Full Stack Alerts

Dripstat Alerts works across all our products, giving you a single pane to manage alert policies across your entire stack.

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